Benefits of Buying Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

kitchen cabinetry

Kitchen cabinetry is the prefabricated furniture typically installed in all kitchens for additional storage of cooking equipment, food, and more often appliances and silverware for table service. Cabinets are generally built on-site and are completed in a variety of woods, finishes, and types. While there are a number of standard kitchen cabinetry units that you can purchase, custom cabinetry has its benefits. Here are some of them:


Custom cabinetry is built-in kitchen furniture that is specifically designed to fit your kitchen design. Most kitchen cabinet manufacturers will take measurements of your room, including overhead and wall areas, then manufacture cabinets that are up to 500% of the size you need. The advantage of purchasing a custom kitchen cabinet is that you can have specific items you want or need in your kitchen customized. For example, if your kitchen has large appliances, such as microwaves and steam irons, you may want to buy cabinetry that comes with extended shelves or cabinets that have doors on all sides. Other popular custom cabinetry features include built-in wine racks, undercounter refrigerator/freezer units, hobs for island preparation, and dishwasher door extensions.


The majority of cabinetry manufacturers allow you to design your own kitchen cabinet design online. This allows you to view photos of existing cabinetry you like, view examples of previous designs, request help in designing the cabinet that best meets your specifications, and generally make the process as easy as possible without any additional fees. In most cases, you will also be provided with a physical design sample upon receipt of your cabinet design. You will need to pay for shipping and handling costs. However, this option typically offers the convenience of designing the cabinetry yourself without spending additional money on professional craftsman.

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