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Men’s leather coats are the classic choice for work or casual wear, with their smooth texture and durable construction making them a long-standing favorite. Like the classic women’s coat, it is easy to care for men’s leather coats, thanks to their natural ability to repel dirt and moisture. Leather is also very easy to clean and maintain, owing to its naturally lustrous sheen that does not fade nor become dull. With proper care, leather will keep you comfortable for many years, so when shopping for a new coat, keep in mind what you would be doing with it long term. An alligator-style jacket with a wide belt is perfect for work, while a zip up blazer is more suitable for weekend wear.

Men’s Leather Coats

Another option for men’s leather jackets is to choose something more casual. A lightweight trench coat is very versatile and can be worn with a pair of khakis or dress trousers for a smarter look, or with a nice pair of slacks for a more relaxed look. Leather is also great for layering and can be used to create a variety of different looks, including dress, sports, casual and smart. A leather trench coat is also incredibly slimming, so even if you are on the bigger side, a trench coat can help you slim down without adding any extra weight.

As previously mentioned, the key to caring for men’s leather coats is to take good care of them. Although leather is more likely to crack than other fabrics, with regular wear and taping, the coat should retain its shape and integrity for years to come. Cleaning a leather coat should be done with a gentle bristled brush, dampened with warm water and dried flat. To remove stains and odor, you should consider using the same dry cleaning method as you would for a woman’s leather coat and be wary not to press the coat when cleaning. A little bit of elbow grease will go a long way towards keeping your coat looking fresh and new.