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Couples tantra workshops help couples explore their sexual and spiritual potential. It is no secret that the two of you are in the process of connecting and there is much information that can help you move closer to each other on this journey. Many couples go to couples tantra workshops to enhance their sexual and spiritual relationship and many times these sessions include a conscious effort to look at our relationship from a different perspective and from an omnivorous viewpoint.

A Life-changing Experience

A well-organized couples tantra workshop includes a mix of lectures, discussions, workshops and hands-on exercises that take you on a virtual tour of the entire tantric process from kama tantra to kundalini tantra and beyond. You will learn about how to meditate, what tantra is and the various tantric rituals and exercises that you can use in your daily life. You will be given instructions and examples of proper sexual techniques, so that you can practice safe and sensual sex. The teachings about tantra yoga meditation and chakras are very powerful and can help you to create a powerful loving relationship. The ultimate goal of the ancient tantric arts is union with the divine. When you attend a couples tantra workshop, you will be able to explore this path with your partner and become more aware of your own sacred energy.

You will learn about the power of the feminine energy that lies beneath your feet and the mind and the power of intimacy and sensuality. Many couples who have participated in a couples workshop have said that it was a life changing experience and helped them to understand themselves even more deeply. In addition to learning to enhance your physical and emotional relationships, you will also learn how to love yourself unconditionally. Couples tantra workshops are designed to help you make this journey through your 7 chakras and 5 bodies with your partner and help you to enjoy every moment of your intimate and spiritual relationships.