Fire Watch Guards – The Basics

A fire watch guard is an experienced and highly trained specialist that you contract to patrol around your premises on a regular basis, usually in order to detect fire risks. Fire watch services operate in shifts to cover all the premises at your business, usually at night. As well as being on duty at all times of the day they are also called out for a period of time at pre-determined intervals. If a fire watch is undertaken in your establishment, there are specific fire watch service contracts that are agreed between you and your chosen company. The specific contract will outline all of the duties and responsibilities of a watch and the level of personnel that will be needed in order for them to carry out these duties. A proper fire watch service will include an on-site fire investigator that works closely alongside a trained fire officer in the course of their shifts.

Fire Watch Guards Protect People and Structures From Fire Threats

Fire watches are designed to act as a rapid reaction response team that responds to fire alarms in an organized manner to make sure that the public is not put at risk. In the event that a fire watch service finds that a fire risk exists they will notify the local fire station so that they can deal with the situation. Fire wardens will also visit your premises when a fire watch is in place in order to inspect the buildings to make sure that they have all of the relevant fire safety requirements. They may also carry out random checks of particular sections of your building in an attempt to identify any potential hazards.

Fire watch guards are trained specifically in fire fighting operations and are supported by trained fire officers. Fire wardens are also responsible for liaising with members of the public that may come to your premises. They are required to conduct door to door fire safety checks and to ensure that there is proper emergency lighting within the vicinity of the premises. Fire watch guards are usually called out at the most inopportune times in order that they are able to deal with any potential emergencies. This allows you to keep a high level of safety and security in place while also allowing the public to continue to live and work on your premises. Fire watches can be both voluntary and controlled, and are most often implemented by the local council in your area.

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