Funeral Cards on Etsy and eBay

There is another market for these cards and that is on Etsy. It seems that anyone can list any kind of item for sale on Etsy under the heading best funeral cards. You can find ecard patterns for the holiday season, including Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July and much more. They even have a section dedicated to these cards. Funeral homes might want to check into this market as well.

Funeral Cards – A Lasting memorial card tribute to a loved one

Funeral cards are beautiful reminders of loved ones that have passed on but when the names in the cards belong to total strangers, they also become collectible items. An object lesson. In a used bookstore in Philadelphia, a bookseller paid eight bucks for a small collection of dead people. Of course, used bookshops usually don’t deal in dead bodies. One has to be careful when approaching people wanting to sell these cards. You might get taken for a ride.

If you are selling funeral cards, you should include a few lines or at least a few verses. This allows the mourners to identify the deceased with ease when making the decision to buy a book. Often time, friends and family will hold a wake or a memorial service when the body is present. The funeral cards that are sold are often kept by the attendees of the wake or memorial service.

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