Surfing in Newcastle

Surf shops have opened in Newcastle since the early nineties. These have been primarily in surf shops with indoor pools and restaurants on the premises. It wasn’t long before the whole city began to catch on and the surf shops started moving in from the suburbs out into the city proper. The older surf shop newcastle down on Collier Street was particularly famous, and the local residents were known to gather there for hours on end. Many of these surf shops had their own small store front on Collier Street, but most commonly they would be located on Orton Wharf.

The most popular surf shops in Newcastle

There are many places to go surfing in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. You can visit the waves at the top of Tugun Park, or even head down to the beaches at Rykers and outside the city at Cooks Point. Cook’s Point is one of the most popular surf shops in Newcastle, offering everything from board and rod cases to snacks and drinks. There are many other popular shops as well throughout the city. Surf shops can also be found at Pukekohe, Burleigh Heads and further afield in Europe.

Surf shops are also very popular amongst holiday makers, who often use them to stock up on surf boards and clothing. There are several different types of surf shops in Newcastle, ranging from the high street shops to the holiday resorts. Surfboard rentals are also often available, with plenty of shops located close to the beaches. Surfing is one of the most popular winter sports in the country, so it makes sense that there would be a huge amount of surf shop outlets around at this time of year. With so much activity on the water, there are always going to be people wanting to take advantage of surfing in Newcastle.

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