Timber Floor Sanding And Refinishing

What exactly is timber floor sanding? It refers to the process of removing the extra high top sections of a timber floor by using small abrasive particles. The main process of timber floor sanding involves three key procedures. First, the floor is prepared for sanding using a sander. Second, the top sander is used to remove the sand and then it is thoroughly cleaned using water and detergent.

How To Do Timber Floor Sanding And Refinishing

The third and final step in the timber floor sanding and refinishing process is the polishing process. This involves cleaning the dust particles that have accumulated during the cleaning process and removing any stains. After polishing, the floors are left to dry. During the drying process, special care is taken not to allow water to get into the nooks and crannies of the floors. Water can cause warping and scratching of the wood floors if it gets into these places.

Once all the dust has been removed from the top of the sanded section, it is removed using a brush. Then the top is left to dry overnight. The next day, you should start sanding and once again polish the piece to bring out the best details of the wood grain. Sanding and polishing should be done on a regular basis so as to prevent your hardwood floors from looking dull and beaten. This maintenance process will ensure that your flooring looks new and attractive for many years to come.

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